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Social work schools in Louisiana offer programs that allow students to concentrate in various areas of practice, from the needs of rural communities to urban disaster resiliency. The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) offered at many social work schools in Louisiana provide a good foundation for generalist social work practice, but an accredited Master of Social Work (MSW) degree and state licensure is necessary for those who wish to work in independent, clinical, or advanced practice. Although most Louisiana social work programs are delivered on campus, an online MSW degree is offered at Louisiana State University.

Quick Facts

  • 10 schools offering social work programs in Louisiana are in our database (see below)
  • Of the social work schools in Louisiana, none offer associate’s degrees or certificates, 9 offer bachelor’s degrees, and 5 offer a master’s or advanced degree1
  • 1 school ranked in Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Colleges
  • 4 schools ranked in US News Best Graduate Social Work Programs
  • 2 schools ranked in Social Work Guide’s Top Online MSW Programs4
  • Across 9 schools, 13 bachelor’s and master’s social work degree programs in Louisiana are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)5

Featured Online Programs in Social Work

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Top-Ranked Schools with Social Work Programs in Louisiana

Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Colleges

  • Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College (#93 in-state, #88 out-of-state)

*Institution-wide ranking.

US News Best Graduate Social Work Programs

  • Tulane University (#38 tie)
  • Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge (#88 tie)
  • Southern University-?New Orleans (#174 tie)
  • Grambling State University (#201 tie)

Social Work Guide’s Top Online MSW Programs

  • Louisiana State University
  • Tulane University

Schools with Social Work Programs Accredited by the CSWE

  • Grambling State University
  • Louisiana College
  • Louisiana State University
  • Northwestern State University of Louisiana
  • Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Southern University and A & M College
  • Southern University-New Orleans
  • Tulane University
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe

Schools in Louisiana with Social Work Degree Programs

BSW and Other Undergraduate Programs

Louisiana College

Louisiana College is a private institution affiliated with the Baptist Church that offers a CSWE-accredited BSW degree. The school has a small undergraduate enrollment with fewer than 1,000 students. Once admitted into the School of Social Work, every student is assigned a faculty advisor to help them choose a major and appropriate courses. Social work majors spend the first two years taking a variety of classes including English, religious studies, biology, computers, and introductory social work theory. In the final two years of the program, the courses focus on social work practice and theory more intensely. Students must also complete a minor during their studies in order to graduate; the minor can be in any subject but must be approved by the faculty advisor. In 2016 Louisiana College was ranked in a tie at #51 in Regional Colleges (South) by US News & World Report.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Northwestern State University of Louisiana maintains a CSWE-accredited BSW program that trains future social workers for generalist practice. The school’s rural location impacts the course curriculum, field placements, and community service projects; the school aims to teach students about the unique issues faced by rural communities in the nearby areas. The Social Work Department’s course curriculum is standardized for all social work students. Students must take courses in social work theory, research, and practice, a foreign language, history, and English. In their junior year, students can choose one elective course and in the senior year, they can choose two electives. Students also complete at least 432 hours of supervised field education in the senior year. To be eligible for field placement, the student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 overall and a GPA of at least 2.5 in social work courses.

MSW and Other Graduate Programs

Tulane University

Founded in 1834, Tulane University is a research-intensive institution located in New Orleans. Tulane offers a CSWE-accredited MSW program as well as a PhD in social work at their School of Social Work. In 2016, Tulane’s graduate school of social work tied at #44 among social work graduate schools in the US according to US News & World Report. The history and culture of New Orleans influence the school’s specializations; students can complete additional certificates in Disaster Mental Health and Trauma Studies, Family Practice, or Global Social Work, or dual degrees in global health, law, or Disaster Resilience Leadership. The university is also home to the Highly Vulnerable Children Research Center, which may be of interest to students interested in a career in child welfare research and practice. The MSW can be completed in as little as 14 to 16 months of full-time study, 24 months of part-time study, or 12 months of full-time study for advanced standing students who hold a CSWE-accredited BSW degree.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University, with campuses in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Alexandria, is a large, public institution with over 25,000 undergraduate students. The LSU School of Social Work offers a CSWE-accredited MSW program and a PhD in social work. Program cohorts begin in the fall term. With full-time study the program can be completed in two years; part-time students may complete the program in three to four years. Advanced standing is possible for students with a CSWE-accredited BSW degree; with advanced standing admission and full-time study the program begins in the summer term and requires one year to complete. LSU also has an online MSW program that offers six start dates throughout the year. All MSW students may choose between completing a final thesis or a capstone project in the final year of the program. US News & World Report ranked LSU #129 among national universities in 2016.

Grambling State University

The Grambling State University School of Social Work offers a Master of Social that places special emphases on social work services to the poor, African Americans, and rural populations. A particular focus on social justice and action in the MSW program equips students to create and influence social policies across their careers. Under traditional admissions, the MSW at Grambling State can be completed within two years with full-time study or within six years with part-time study. With advanced standing, students can complete the MSW in as little as one year with full-time study. The advanced (second-year) curriculum concentrates on direct practice to prepare students to become active practitioners. The MSW program at Grambling State is accredited by the CSWE.

Accreditation Information for Louisiana Social Work Schools

SchoolGraduation Rate1Transfer-Out Rate1Associate’s SW ProgramBachelor’s SW ProgramGraduate SW ProgramCSWE Accred.5US News Best Social Work Grad Schools Ranking3Net Price*1
Grambling State University30%N/ANoYesYesYes#201 tie$17,202
Louisiana College67%N/ANoYesNoYesNot Ranked$12,928
Louisiana State University67%N/ANoYesYesYes#88 tie$13,409
Northwestern State University of Louisiana38%N/ANoYesNoYesNot Ranked$9,488
Southeastern Louisiana University37%35%NoYesNoYesNot Ranked$9,544
Southern University and A & M College32%N/ANoYesNoYesNot Ranked$11,495
Southern University at New Orleans12%N/ANoYesYesYes#174 tie$7,531
Tulane University of Louisiana83%13%NoNoYesYes#38 tie$32,797
University of Louisiana at Monroe41%N/ANoYesNoYesNot Ranked$8,287

*The net price is calculated by the National Center for Education Statistics by subtracting the average amount of aid (including grants and scholarships) from the total published cost of attendance for in-state/in-district students, which includes tuition, books, room and board, and other expenses. To gain a better understanding of how to interpret the statistics discussed in this table, see our list of important definitions.

Featured Online Programs in Social Work

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Directory of Louisiana Social Work School Programs

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Schools with an asterisk (*) have programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Grambling State University*
403 Main St
Grambling, LA 71245
(318) 247-3811

Louisiana College*
1140 College Dr
Pineville, LA 71359
(318) 487-7011

Louisiana State University*
156 Thomas Boyd Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2750
(225) 578-3202

Student Review: “LSU’s social work program was very engaging during my tenure. We spent a lot of time with faculty who always wanted to bring real world experiences into the classroom. I very much liked my upper level courses where I could talk one on one with professors and get their guidance. LSU offered a lot of help as far as career planning and tutoring if needed. With the recent budget cuts some teachers had to leave the program but most of those who stayed aren’t there for just a paycheck. It was really nice being able to be in a program that strongly encouraged community involvement. Lastly, it was great that faculty often challenged students on their biases before they entered into a work environment after graduation.” – Student at Louisiana State University

Louisiana Tech University
305 Wisteria St
Ruston, LA 71272
(318) 257-2000

Student Review: “Louisiana Tech’s social work and human services program was a comprehensive and eye-opening experience for me. The program challenged me by making me more aware of the vast array of social issues that our society faces today. As such, I learned a lot that I have since put into use in my professional life as a social worker, and feel that my academic tenure at Louisiana Tech has greatly prepared me for the challenges of my job. The teaching staff was great, and were always prompt to respond to my emails and phone calls whenever I needed clarification on anything. The professors in charge of my fieldwork were particularly helpful, and provided wonderful guidance to me as I took my first tentative steps into social work. One minor complaint that I can make about the program is that some of the classes are only offered seasonally, making scheduling less convenient than it could have otherwise been. However, this is only a minor quibble, and ultimately I feel very satisfied with Louisiana Tech’s social work program and my time spent there.” – Student at Louisiana Tech University

Northwestern State University of Louisiana*
175 Sam Sibley Dr
Natchitoches, LA 71497-0002
(318) 357-6011

Southeastern Louisiana University*
548 Ned McGehee Ave
Hammond, LA 70402
(985) 549-2000

Southern University and A&M College*
801 Harding Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70813
(225) 771-4500

Southern University at New Orleans*
6400 Press Dr
New Orleans, LA 70126
(504) 286-5000

Tulane University*
6823 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118-5698
(504) 865-5000

University of Louisiana at Monroe*
700 University Ave
Monroe, LA 71209-0000
(318) 342-1000

Schools with an asterisk (*) have programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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