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You can earn a professional social work degree at one of the many social work schools in Utah accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). If you plan to begin your career in Utah, you will need at least a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) to obtain your license and practice as a social worker and a Master of Social Work (MSW) to offer clinical services. Most social work programs are offered on-campus, but the University of Utah does offer the MSW program online as well, which may fit busy schedules. Whichever degree path you choose, Utah social work programs will prepare you for a rewarding career in the state or further afield.

Quick Facts

  • 7 schools offering social work programs in Utah are in our database (see below)
  • Of the social work schools in Utah, 2 offer associate’s degrees or certificates, 5 offer bachelor’s degrees, and 3 offer a master’s or advanced degree1
  • 1 school ranked in Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Colleges
  • 3 schools ranked in US News Best Graduate Social Work Programs
  • No schools ranked in Social Work Guide’s Top Online MSW Programs4
  • Across 5 schools, 8 bachelor’s and master’s social work degree programs in Utah are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)5

Featured Online Programs in Social Work

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Top-Ranked Schools with Social Work Programs in Utah

Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Colleges

  • University of Utah (#49 in-state, #67 out-of-state)

*Institution-wide ranking.

US News Best Graduate Social Work Programs

  • University of Utah (#38 tie)
  • Brigham Young University-Provo (#88 tie)
  • Utah State University (#147 tie)

Schools with Social Work Programs Accredited by the CSWE

  • Brigham Young University-Provo
  • University of Utah
  • Utah State University
  • Utah Valley University
  • Weber State University

Schools in Utah with Social Work Degree Programs

BSW and Other Undergraduate Programs

Utah State University

Utah State University is a public institution that was founded in 1888. The university offers CSWE-accredited BSW programs at the main campus in Logan and smaller campuses in Brigham City, Tooele, Moab/Blanding, and Price, through the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology. The degree can be completed through either the Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) or Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) curriculum. The social work curriculum in both programs prepares students for generalist social work practice and requires students to complete the university’s general education requirements and the social work core curriculum; the main difference between the programs is that BASW students must also demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. Successful completion of 480 hours of field education at a placement in the local area is required in the senior year. For students interested in community-based research, the Transforming Communities Initiative provides social work students with the opportunity to complete a research project with a social service organization in Northern Utah for credit.

Weber State University

Weber State University is a large suburban university located in Ogden, north of Salt Lake City. The university’s Department of Social Work and Gerontology offers both BSSW and BASW programs accredited by the CSWE. Students in the BASW program must take either 12 credits of foreign language courses or six credits in a foreign language and a social work writing course, plus an approved communications-related arts elective. Students pursuing either degree program must complete prerequisite courses in behavioral and social sciences, human development, and social work before applying to the social work major; the social work admissions process is competitive. Once admitted, students take courses in social welfare, statistics, interventions, and practice. Social work majors must also complete either a minor in another subject or additional social work electives. The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences also offers a minor in gerontology, which may be a good fit for students interested in working with older populations after graduation. In 2016, US News & World Report ranked the university in a tie for #77 among regional universities in the West.

MSW and Other Graduate Programs

University of Utah

Located in the state capital of Salt Lake City, the University of Utah is a public institution known for academics, sports, and research. US News & World Report ranked the university in a tie for #115 among national universities in the US in 2016. The College of Social Work’s MSW program is accredited by the CSWE and offers a clinically-focused curriculum with many possible areas of specialization: Aging, child welfare, forensic social work, global social work, health, or mental health. Dual degrees in public administration, public health, or law are also available. The university also offers an online MSW through its campus in St. George, near the Utah-Arizona border. This program accepts students without a CSWE-accredited BSW degree and offers advanced standing to students with a CSWE-accredited BSW. Advanced standing students may skip the foundational year of the program, but only the mental health social work concentration is available under this option.

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University (BYU) is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church); as a result, the BYU School of Social Work curriculum reflects the values and philosophies of the Mormon Church and the social work profession. The BYU MSW program is accredited by the CSWE and admission is competitive; the department admits approximately 40 new students each year. The program has two concentrations, Clinical Practice or Research, both of which focus on social work with children and families. During the program, students complete 1,100 hours of field education. Placements may be in religious, public, or non-profit organizations. The university maintains a collaborative program with AmeriCorps, which enables students to complete service placements in community organizations in Utah while studying in exchange for education grants. BYU was ranked #66 by US News & World Report in 2016 in the national universities category.

Accreditation Information for Utah Social Work Schools

SchoolGraduation Rate1Transfer-Out Rate1Associate’s SW ProgramBachelor’s SW ProgramGraduate SW ProgramCSWE Accredited5US News Best Social Work Grad Schools Ranking3Net Price*1
Brigham Young University-Provo79%N/ANoNoYesYes#88 tie$12,335
Salt Lake Community College16%14%YesNoNoNoNot Ranked$7,014
Snow College39%40%YesNoNoNoNot Ranked$10,461
University of Utah62%N/ANoYesYesYes#38 tie$11,277
Utah State University50%N/ANoYesYesYes#147 tie$12,184
Utah Valley University31%25%NoYesNoYesNot Ranked$6,766
Weber State University17%35%NoYesNoYesNot Ranked$10,005

*The net price is calculated by the National Center for Education Statistics by subtracting the average amount of aid (including grants and scholarships) from the total published cost of attendance for in-state/in-district students, which includes tuition, books, room and board, and other expenses. To gain a better understanding of how to interpret the statistics discussed in this table, see our list of important definitions.

Featured Online Programs in Social Work

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Directory of Utah Social Work School Programs

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Schools with an asterisk (*) have programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Brigham Young University-Provo*
CES Admissions
A-41 ASB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-4636

Salt Lake Community College
4600 S Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
(801) 957-4111

Snow College
150 E College Ave
Ephraim, UT 84627
(435) 283-7000

University of Utah*
201 Presidents Cir
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9008
(801) 581-7200

Student Review: “The program itself has been an overall disappointment. I feel that I have learned more from the internships and experience in the field than I have in the classroom. Granted, I have been in the mental health field for 4 years prior to getting accepted into the MSW program, but there haven’t been any “ah-ha” moments thus far. I am also only a first-year MSW student, and second year is more focused on mental health than just basic background knowledge. I feel that all of the instructors know very well what they are talking about, yet some of them present it in the most drawn-out fashion imaginable. Sometimes through the courses I felt like I was wasting my money on tuition, but I also understand that not everyone has that background that I did coming into it.” – Student at University of Utah

Student Review: “Overall, I was very pleased with the level of instruction that I received in the BSW program. I plan on working in a child welfare organization for the state of Utah, and I believe that this program has given me the tools and resources that I need to be successful in my endeavors. A certain number of my core classes were not a wonderful experience, however, my applied social work and social work practice classes were all WONDERFUL! Specifically, it was my undergraduate classes that I took issue with, not my SW courses. If I had it to do over again, I would without a doubt return to the University of Utah for my BSW degree.” – Student at University of Utah

Utah State University*
0160 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-1400
(435) 797-1000

Utah Valley University*
800 W University Pkwy
Orem, UT 84058-5999
(801) 863-8000

Student Review: “I have loved being in the social work program, being in class and listening to the professors stories of their experiences in the field really confirms that I’m studying what I want to do, especially with the different volunteer work that we’ve had to do in different classes. Sharing our volunteer work experiences in class has opened my eyes to the many different aspects of social work as well as helped me decide what I want to do with my career and how best to accomplish it and succeed in it. Most of my professors have had office hours during the time that I was on campus which made it really convenient to talk about any questions I may have had. I do wish that more of the courses were offered online since I do have a small child and it takes time away from spending with him to go up to campus for classes that weren’t necessary to be in person for. But other than that, being in the program has been nothing short of excellent. My counselor suggested that I join the social work club and I found it to be very beneficial, you were able to meet so many people as well as those who could help you with potential jobs and improve different skills. They also had many guest speakers come in and discuss important areas of social work and how it pertains to things that are happening in the world right now.” – Student at Utah Valley University

Weber State University*
3848 Harrison Blvd
Ogden, UT 84408-1031
(801) 626-6000

Schools with an asterisk (*) have programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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