Meet the Experts:


We interviewed the following social work professionals to discover insights into the field and gather advice for students who may be interested in working in social work. Click on the thumbnails below to read each social work professional’s interview with Social Work Guide.

Meet the Experts:

hariett cabelly
Hariett Cabelly
MSW and owner of Rebuild Life Now
fran dorf
Fran Dorf
LCSW and author of A Reasonable Madness
julia fanning
Julia Fanning
MSW and owner of Holding Hope Services, Chicago
terry gaspard
Terry Gaspard
MSW, LICSW, and non-fiction writer
linda grobman
Linda May Grobman
dorlee michaeli
Dorlee Michaeli
LMSW and author of Social Work Career blog
jonathan singer
Jonathan Singer
LSCW and Professor at Loyola University Chicago
debra stang
Debra Stang
MSW and author of Visiting Grandma

Research How to Become a Social Worker by State

Each state sets their social work licensing requirements. In some states, you can pursue licensure with a BSW, while others require a master’s degree. Other requirements include getting the required experience and passing your state’s social work licensure exam.